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At RCG & Son we are here to serve your plumbing needs. From the simple dripping faucet to the toilet overhaul we are here to help. Maybe you are remodeling an older home, adding a bathroom or building a new home? We can help with that as well.

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We are a licensed and fully insured Class A Contractor.
Why Choose RCG & Son Plumbing?
As a master plumber with 24 years in the plumbing and pipe business, Robert Gochenour is skilled at installation & plumbing repair.  If you’ve having any type of problem with your current plumbing, or would like to have new plumbing installed, R.C. Gochenour & Son Plumbing LLC is here to help. We can also help with the layout of plumbing appliances and fixtures.


R.C. Gochenour & Son Plumbing LLC is an expertly licensed and fully insured Class A Contractor. Contact Us Today at 1-540-271-3393.


Just ask Robert about his details of PRIDE…

  • Why is it important for the clothes washer to always be on the left and why should the clothes dryer always be on the right?
  • Why should hose bibs always be at least 16 inches above the ground or lower surface?
  • Why does RCG & Son always minimize using pipe smaller than 2 inch for drain lines.
  • What is the easiest way to clean a shower head?
  • How does one know if a toilet tank is leaking?
  • Why is it important to pour a bucket of water in a basement floor drain (or a shower that is not used) regularly?
  • Why is it important to keep gas jugs away from gas hot water heaters?
  • What is the difference between schedule 5 P traps and schedule 40 P traps?

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