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Macerating Toilet & Pump Installations in Harrisonburg, VA

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Looking to install a macerating toilet or pump in your Harrisonburg home? Call (540) 271-3393 today to schedule a consultation with our experts.

Are you planning to add a toilet to your garage, basement, or other area of your home that sits below the main drain line? Consider installing a macerating toilet or macerating pump.

R.C. Gochenour and Son Plumbing LLC can help you with this project. We provide macerating toilet and pump installations for homeowners in Harrisonburg and the surrounding Shenandoah Valley. Give us a call today to get started!

What is a Macerating Toilet and

When Should You Install One?

Standard toilets sit above the main sewer or septic line, making it easy for waste to flow through the system thanks to gravity. But some bathrooms are located below-ground, making it impossible for waste to flow up to reach the sewer line. This is where a macerating toilet or pump comes in.

A macerating toilet (also known as an “upflush toilet”) is designed for rooms that sit below the main sewer line, or rooms that don’t have easy access to plumbing lines. Instead of carrying out a major overhaul of your existing plumbing system, you can opt for the convenience of a macerating toilet.

The macerating toilet will deposit waste into a macerating pump (located behind the toilet). The pump features high-power blades that work to grind up solid waste so it can easily be pumped up into the sewer pipe system.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your New Macerating Toilet

With so many options available, the process of choosing the best macerating toilet for your home can take a great deal of your time. Save time and energy by allowing our Harrisonburg plumbers to help you narrow down your options.

We will assess your current situation and present you with options that best meet your needs and budget. Items to consider as you choose your macerating toilet:

  • One-piece or two-piece unit — Macerating toilets are available in one-piece or two-piece sets. One-piece toilets will include the tank and the bowl as one unit. Two-piece units (what we typically see in most bathrooms) have the tank and the bowl separated.
  • Utility connections — Certain models allow you to connect your macerating pump to other appliances and fixtures, such as a sink, shower, or washing machine. If you are looking for more comprehensive bathroom solutions, we can help you find a unit that can support these additional demands.
  • Additional features — Looking for top-of-the-line units? We can help you install toilets with bidets, slow-close seats, heated seats, and more.

Ready to add a macerating toilet or pump to your home? Contact us today at (540) 271-3393 to discuss the installation process with our Harrisonburg plumbing experts.

Harrisonburg plumber, plumber Harrisonburg, Shenandoah plumber, Massanetta Springs plumber, Bridgewater plumber

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